Adult & Youth Newspaper Carrie...

Prince George
Adult & Youth Newspaper Carriers Needed in the Following areas: - Hart Area -Driftwood Rd, Dawson Rd, Seton Cres, -Austin Rd. College Heights: Needed for Sept 1, 2019 O'Grady Rd and Park, Brock, Selkirk, -Oxford, Cowart, Simon Fraser, Trent, Domano, Guelph, St Lawrence, Hartford, Harvard, Imperial, Jean De Brefeuf Cres, Loyola, Latrobe, Leicester Pl, Malaspina, Princeton, Newcastle, Prince Edward, Melbourne, Guerrier, Loedel, Sarah, Lancaster, Lemoyne, Leyden,St Anne, St Bernadette Pl, Southridge, Bernard Rd, St Clare, Creekside, Stillwater, Avison, Davis, Capella, Speca, Starlane, Bona Dea, Charella, Davis, Polaris, Starlane, Vega. - - Needed for Aug 1, 2019 - -Moncton, Queens, Peidmont, Rochester, Renison, McMaster, Osgood, Marionopolis. - Quinson Area -Lyon, Moffat, Ogilvie, Patterson, Kelly, Hammond, Ruggles, Nicholson Full Time and Temporary Routes Available. Contact for Details 250-562-3301 or